Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AMS Last Bash This Friday

The AMS Last Bash is this Friday, May 2 at Lions Park at 4pm!    Come for fun, games, free food, and a chance of a few raffle items!  We also have an indoor shelter on the off chance it rains.  Hope to see you there!

Lions Park
700 W. Taylor St.
Dekalb, IL 60115


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Important: Time and Location Change for Tonight's Meeting

Sorry for the late notice but we will be having our meeting at 7pm at Davis 201. Please spread the word to everyone, thank you!  We will be having elections so have your voice be heard if you can come!

NIU AMS Officers

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Meeting Next Tuesday 2/11 - Includes wxchallenge workshop

Hi everyone, there will be an AMS meeting next Tuesday, February 11th. It will be held at Davis Hall 217 as always at 7:30 pm. (this way if you want to drive you can park!) We will be having a wxchallenge workshop during the meeting, as well discussing what we have planned this semester and what people would like to see.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Scholarship Opoortunities

Hi everyone, the information about scholarships for the Department of Geography has just been posted.  For more details, please check the email regarding this, or ask Dawn in the Department office.

NIU AMS Officers

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The current situation with calendars.

We are sorry to announce that there won't be any calendars this year. We felt like the demand and participation did not justify the amount of effort we would have to invest. I don't even think we got all the full resolution pictures from everyone.

Thank you to everyone who did participate and we again apologize.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Career Day!

Be sure to come by Davis Hall for Career Day today! It's a great opportunity to get the answers you're looking for from alumni, as well as start networking with everyone. Also a great chance to see what careers are available for us as well as possible internships alumni may bring with today! Don't miss out!

Also we are having a special discount for t-shirts!   Everyone can pay the member price regardless if they are a member or not!  It's only for today only, so catch us at our table nearby Davis Hall 121!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tonight's Meeting

Our next meeting will be next Tuesday. We will be setting up LinkedIn accounts and, if time permits, we will play with some stuff in Python. Social networking has become very important because many employers will check someone's Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. You really want to give a good impression, because people can and have lost jobs or a potential job because of what is posted on their accounts. LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on the professional side of social networking, where you can upload your resume and expand your networking. Python is a computer programming language and has very powerful applications, especially in in the meteorology field. It can create maps as well (just ask anyone in MET 421). If we have time for this, this will probably be mostly setup and some basic syntax.

Please bring your own laptop if you can, there are 3 computers in the back of DH217 if you absolutely cannot bring one (these computers use the GEOG/MET login, NOT your Z-ID). There are only limited plugs in the classroom so be mindful of that as well.

PS: If you want a copy of some of the images/links from Gino Izzi's talk last week, send us an email!

NIU AMS Officers


The Northern Illinois University Chapter of the American Meteorological Society is a student run organization open to all persons. The emphasis of the Chapter is to promote the atmospheric sciences among its members and the area. We sponsor many activities such as trips, speakers, and many other exciting events. Founded in 1971.